Marketing Your CRE Property through the pandemic age: What We’re Doing Differently

July 27, 2021 – It’s been over a year since the appearance of Covid-19 which has changed lives and businesses across the globe. Despite decreasing local case numbers and widespread availability of vaccines, Covid-19 is still impacting the way we do business, and its effects will be felt for years to come.

Many industries have felt the impacts of the pandemic. Strategies needed to adjust to an accelerated digital age, especially within commercial real estate. Increased safety requirements and an emphasis on virtual transactions have become the new norm, exposing the large gap in traditional marketing strategies used within the industry.

Understanding new and emerging trends in the 2021 CRE market is crucial to make the best choices for your property and boost listing activity. Here’s what DeWees Real Estate Group is doing differently for your property to stay ahead of the game:

1. Premium exposure on virtual marketing platforms

Advancing marketing into the digital age is no surprise to the real estate industry, and the emergence of Covid-19 only boosted the progress. With networking and face-to-face interactions at a minimum, many brokers and property owners are turning to online platforms to get the word out about their properties.

LoopNet and Crexi are two such giants in the online listing world that DREG utilizes. Their apps and digital platforms allow both buyers and sellers to access thousands of properties within a few minutes and easily filter results based on their needs.

Real estate marketers can now ensure a new level of specification to their listings, satisfying every curiosity a potential client may have while in the decision-making process. We actively track statistics on these platforms to view how much interest properties are receiving, as well as other insights to aid in marketing efforts.

2. Modernize the ‘in-person’ tour process

In-person interactions were drastically cut this past year as Covid-19 forced social distancing and increased safety measures. Technology trends remain one step ahead with the takeover of 360° virtual tours and floorplans, 4K aerial drone footage, and eye-catching video clips. Integrating new media into targeted marketing strategies has allowed DREG to streamline and accelerate the viewing process, all while ensuring the safety of our staff and future clients.

3. The office isn’t just an office anymore

One of the biggest questions the pandemic raised is how it will affect office space. This past year, more companies than ever have allowed employees to work from home and DREG understands the changing needs for both landlords and tenants. While vacant space may seem daunting for many property owners, the post-Covid CRE market has presented several new and exciting opportunities for commercial offices.

Many offices are finding success in promoting flexible spaces as tenants look for negotiable lease terms, open and collaborative floorplans, and access to a unique work-play lifestyle within downtown communities. Vacant spaces are also being repurposed to fit other commercial uses such as retail, restaurant, and event venues that may not have been available pre-Covid.

DREG’s strategy includes putting spaces in front of investors, buyers, and developers that are outside the traditional market to ensure the highest visibility for our properties.

DeWees Real Estate Group moves forward with certainty

Even in a time of uncertainty, numerous investors and buyers continue to be involved with the commercial real estate market. Property owners, brokers, and sellers will need to think out-of-the-box to embrace new virtual marketing methods and uses for their spaces. Adaptability remains key as businesses adjust to these new practices, and DeWees Real Estate Group continues to move forward with certainty.

How has your current firm adapted to new strategies during Covid? Whether you’re leasing, selling, or searching for a new team to manage your assets we’re here to help. View our services offered and see how we can meet your property needs today.

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